Meet the artist

Hello, I'm Eleanor! Thanks for checking out my site.

I'm an artist, filmmaker, writer, and creator. I started painting when I was young, but really learned to appreciate the meditative practice of painting just for the sake of painting more recently. While struggling with anxiety and the uncertainty of the world, I could find peace in mixing colors together, swirling strokes on a canvas, and the freeing feeling that abstraction brings. I could create. And these creations didn't have to look like a certain thing. I could just GO. I could paint with colors and textures that felt good, that matched where I was at mentally.

Finding solace in creating was the best thing to happen to me this decade. Maybe even in my life. It’s something I feel I need to do in a way I don’t feel about anything else.

I hope you enjoy browsing my creations and sneaking a peek into my brain.